Kitchen Systems

We offer Australia’s leading integrated POS hardware solutions that exceed the demands of any busy club, restaurant, cafe or hospitality environment from front end to back of house, designed to improve customer experience and your business.

KVS Kitchen unit  

Kitchen Video Box

TG3’s KVS-801A Intel-Windows based, Intel Celeron J1900 Industrial PC Kitchen video box, is the key to this industrial kitchen video system. It is the engine to drive your (POS) point of sale solution, and will pass orders from cashier to kitchen to customer with ease. It contains a sleek, sealed cable design that will make it easy to implement in any busy kitchen environment.

etile 22  

Kitchen Digital eTile

The AOPEN 22MII All-in-one digital eTILE is an interactive digital signage solution. The PC tile can be used in portrait as well as landscape mode. The thin form factor of the eTILE makes it possible to integrate into a thin kiosk that takes up hardly any space. It is the ideal companion to the TG3 Kitchen video box above. It is equipped with IP65 and IPX2 dust and water resistance panel. Each and every component in this touch display is designed for long-term utilization.

Posiflex HC  

Kitchen All-In-One Infotainment Touch Screen Display

The Posiflex HC 1521 high-end Infotainment 21.5” Touch Screen Display is stand alone with its own Windows 7/ POSReady Intel Core i5/i3 processor and 16GB memory. It can be used in any commercial kitchen to show what’s on order and what’s needed next. It will bring order instead of chaos in your kitchen and let your staff do what they do best.


Kitchen Printers

The SRP-275 is the most popular Dot Matrix printer of the BIXOLON mini printer line-up throughout the world. This printer is fully packed with features and performance that is unmatched in a Dot Matrix printer. The SRP-275 is an ideal single station Dot Matrix printer for Retail and Hospitality applications and offers the same reliable quality you have come to expect from BIXOLON and is now upgraded to the Mark III version.


Bump Bars

TG3 manufactures both wireless and tethered bump bars. These high quality bump bars have the quickest lead times in the market and the longest warranties available. Our rugged bump bars come with a stainless steel bezel. The Tuffkey design makes them the toughest keys offered in the bump bar market place