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Digital Signage

Consumers are increasingly demanding when it comes to in-store communications. A well-structured retail environment and the accompanying signage can make a fundamental difference in the decision making process of the customer. Attract, inform and inspire your consumer with a unique digital signage strategy. Digital signage provides a visual experience that is unique to any retail sector.

Menu board  

Menu Boards

The digital menu board is not just a price list of dishes but can be used in many different ways. You can create eye-catching displays for up and coming promotions or events and include video content. This new concept is limited only to your creativity. Big, clear and anti-gloss displays from AOPEN will ensure your customers have a colorful and vivid view of what’s going on in your business. And your digital signage content can be automatically changed by a preset schedule or update, instantly making your promotions more real time and effective.



The AOPEN eTILE is an ultra-thin, ultra-powerful and multi-purpose, multi-touch PC tile, based on Intel® Core™ Processor technology and built to perform in the most demanding commercial environments. The eTILE is highly robust with built-in cable management so that no ports are visible to the customer, making the device perfect for intensive use in any retail environment. It’s also dust resistant and waterproof, and has a subtle and sophisticated design to engage and inform your customers. It’s the kind of device that customers will want to play with, and one that retailers can have the confidence in letting them touch.

Touch monitors  

Touch Monitors

AOPEN eTILE All-in-One Touchscreens have been especially designed for commercial use. They are now available in 15, 19 and 22 inch both on Android and Windows OS. Due to the top layer of a Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) display being glass, they offer a more robust solution compared to resistive touch technology. The sensors are well protected and cannot move, giving the sensor a longer lifetime, making them a more durable product.

 Interactive screens  

Interactive Screens

The AOPEN All-in-One Touch Displays are especially designed for commercial use. The robust and stylish design of the All-in-One Displays ensures flexible usage in an array of environments. These exceptionally powerful and interactive screen kiosk can really wow your audience. The interactivity is an ideal tool to gain an understanding of your audience behavior and preferences, giving you the chance to adjust to a more targeted and personalized marketing campaign.

Chrome miniChrome Box Mini

Chrome Mini

AOPEN has two powerful Chrome devices aimed at bringing enterprise grade reliability and features to small businesses, at an affordable price. The Chromebase Mini is an enterprise-ready interactive 10.1-inch all-in-one touchscreen solution. It is designed to be managed with ease, reliability, and security, making it ideal for high-traffic enterprise environments including digital signage, POS, self-service kiosks and corporate communication. The Chromebox Mini, is the smallest Chromebox on the market today and runs on the Chrome OS platform. It features a solid-state drive (SSD) and can be used as an SME or enterprise desktop replacement, hosting IOT applications, digital signage and kiosks. Because it is easy to use, it promotes greater control of in-store engagement.

Wall Mount  

Flat Screen Mounting Systems

Cleverly designed, ergonomic, space saving and flexible mounting solutions from Atdec are available through Goodson. Choose from the range of swing arms, articulated arms, and fixed or rotating mounting options that can carry displays from 12” LCD monitors to 65” LCD/LED TVs. Video wall mounts for multiple screens are also available. Ceiling mounts offer an ideal solution for retail applications, for digital signage in entertainment and sport venues, clubs and mass transport facilities such as airports. Clever cable management systems conceal all the cables and keep clean and professional look in the most intense working environments.