Google Chrome

Google Chrome OS is an affordable, reliable and flexible device platform that makes digital signage practical, for one screen or a thousand. Integrated with AOPEN’s Commercial-Grade hardware and Google’s Chrome Device Management, the possibilities are endless. 



Chrome digital signage is designed from the ground up to deliver superior performance on inexpensive hardware, all managed through the Chrome Device Management console.


Chrome devices are built rugged and designed to work in tough environments, providing unmatched uptime and security for signage deployments. 



With touchscreen capabilities, broad support for peripherals and the ability to function as a powered beacon, Chrome devices can satisfy a range of signage use cases.


Commercial Chromebox

AOPEN’s Commercial Chromebox is a shock and vibration resistant solid-state device with a wide-operating temperature range (up to a maximum of 60°C/140°F*). Features like built-in hardware encryption and verified firmware boot means that retailers and clients can be confident that they will be protected from unauthorised breach of information or updates. This also broadens the applications of the Chromebox Commercial, ensuring that it can be used in verticals where high volumes of classified data might be collected (i.e. government or health services sector).

The Chromebox Commercial sets itself apart from any Chromebox, being a commercial grade device, which makes it ideal for powering digital displays and vertical applications across a wide range of industries: from kiosks and public transport systems to high traffic retail environments.



The C-Tile is a solid-state device designed to be extremely robust and secure, making it ideal for interactive public display in high traffic environments. The multi-touch panel features a waterproof toughened glass front, tamperproof cable and mounting, and its fanless design keeps dust out. It is also shock and vibration resistant. Together with Chrome OS, it ensures for a highly diverse system that can display content via apps by accessing the Cloud. For connecting other devices such as POS peripherals and authentication devices (i.e. Biometrics), the C-Tile has commercial ports, ruling out the need for multiple power cables.

Chromebox Mini

Small, but powerful: the smallest enterprise-ready Chromebox today, designed for the signage, POS, corporate, and kiosk markets. Empowering customers with ease of experience and greater control of in-store engagement.

The AOPEN Chromebox Mini is a highly reliable and powerful enterprise grade solution that operates 24/7 under tough conditions (up to 40ºC). It sets itself apart from any Chromebox, being the most flexible of its kind. The small size combined with strong computing power creates the perfect solution for any commercial or corporate environment. The Chromebox Mini ensures a speedy, simple, secure and scalable solution.

chromebox mini
chromebase mini

Chromebase Mini

Introducing the Chromebase Mini 10’’ Multi-touch solution, an ultra-thin and powerful device specifically designed for commercial and corporate usage with a high-touch experience.

The Chromebase Mini is a solid-state interactive solution designed to be extremely reliable and secure, making it ideal for interactive public displays in high traffic environments (i.e. digital signage, POS, kiosk, meeting room management or corporate environments).