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The Goodson Gvision range of 4K displays are manufactured to the highest standard and are built to be on all day and all night 365 days a year. When used in conjunction with Chromebox Commercial or Chromebox Mini your message will run smoothly and perfectly.

As with our Gtouch range your Gvision Display comes with three years onsite warranty, giving you total peace of mind.

Gvision Displays are available in 43", 55", 65", 75", 86" and 98"



The hospitality sector thrives on reputation and reviews; therefore, it is important to exceed the expectations of your guests. From hotels to restaurants, casinos and conference halls, communication is fundamental to help serve the guests. With consumers that are constantly online, there is a huge opportunity for hospitality to engage via those online platforms.

Online check-in at a hotel, a digital menu board that switches automatically from breakfast, lunch to dinner or even ordering kiosks are a few examples of making the life of your guests easier and the experience richer. Level up your service by implementing a well-thought-out digital signage strategy.

Digital signage can support this sector by informing and entertaining visitors en masse. Furthermore an apprehensive strategy can even enhance internal communications in a larger company thus ensuring brand consistency.



Consumers are increasingly demanding when it comes to in-store communications. A well-structured retail environment and the accompanying signage can make a fundamental difference in the decision-making process of the customer. Attract, inform and inspire your consumer with your unique digital signage strategy.

The future holds even more excitement for in-store communications. Retailers will be able to take the experience much further by hooking the digital content in with the physical space. Mobile commerce and smart communications technology have enjoyed signification adoption globally with further growth predicted for the coming years.

There are multiple ways in which a digital signage strategy can be deployed in retail:

Influence consumer behaviour with the right message at the right time and the right place. Digital media such as video and animated text can gain the interest of passers-by.

Inform and entertain your customers during their shopping experience. Help them find the way in the store or provide additional information about products by using selection menus.

Tease your customers with interactive content, provide exclusive promotions or make use of gamification to engage with your customer. 

Use digital signage to reinvent bothersome processes such as queuing, into a more customer friendly experience with self-service kiosks for example.

Get to know your consumer by using loyalty programs that connect with the consumer in-store based on shopping behaviour. Scan your card or track your consumer based on iBeacon technology.

Analyse shopping behaviour based on age, gender, viewing time or click behaviour and gain valuable insight that can strengthen the marketing campaign.

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