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Introducing our new range of Touch Panels, Electronic White Boards and Large Format Monitors. 

It's all here in one unit:


Our range of digital media is Australian designed and manufactured to the highest commercial standards and quality. All displays are 4K and and are built to be on 24/7 and have a 3 year onsite warranty which can be upgraded to 6 years at an extra cost.

They look good when they are off and amazing when they are on. The core Android Operating System allows bufferless downloads and amazingly snappy multi touch. Use the SmartPen or your finger to draw on the Whiteboard, highlight items on spread sheets, PowerPoint and other presentations. The GPen SmartPen will shine a light on the screen to highlight an area you wish to emphasize.

Don't forget Teleconferencing with your favorite app.

We have everything covered. Android 8 On Board. The additional OPS slot runs Windows 10 or if you prefer use Google Chrome OS then there is the option of adding a Chrome Box Commercial

If you have software that needs to be loaded or other special requirements our staging department can take of that for you. 

Mount it the way you want - on the wall or on a stand. *We know they are big and heavy, don't worry, our expert installers will set eveyrthing up for you.

* Charges Apply

Capacitive Touch Displays  


Pulse top corner
Gtouch Edge to Edge

3840 X 2160 60 Hz 4K
CapacitiveTouch Screen  
Android 8 on board 
SIZES: 55", 65", 86"   

top corne duor

Pulse Pen web
GPen - Draw - Point - Highlight

Mounting Solutions:

Select from a variety of wall mounts or floor stands.


Wall Mounting Bracket Included in the box

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