Scantech-id Volume Measuring Scanner


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The Scantech-ID VM200/100 is a compact, robust handheld multi-dimensional measuring device, its intuitive reading, unmatched fact performance makes it the best choice in the market.

VM200/100 is a handheld device. The smart guide aimer enables the user to scan the volume of a box quickly and accurately.            

The VMSet  allows you to configure the trigger and button to best fit your  operational needs and application. The VM200/100 system is an efficient way to achieve quick measuring and space optimisation. The VM200/100 system instantly and accurately measure the dimensions of an object.

The VM200 has a place in most environments such as warehousing, logistics, couriers and shipping stations. It is especially useful for new products where the box measurements and volume need to be recorded. The VM200 will also scan the Manufacturers Part number barcode.

The VM200 can be integrated into your ERP and will scan directly into you Manifest.

Measuring a box with a tape is inefficient and often inconsistent, the VM200 will increase productivity and accuracy. 


Physical Characteristics
Performance Specifications
Physical Dimensions VM200/100 (WxLxH)
Weight (g/oz)
Wl 1.5 x H7 x L18  cm
(W3.45 x H2.1 x L5.4  inches) 270 g  (9.52 oz)
Field of view Shape Accuracy
Measurement time Object size
Measurement Time
Min. cube
Max. cube Object
Horizontal 52°, Vertical 30°
Cubic and rectangular package / carton Less than 3% deviation
Less than 1 second
10 cm / 0.394 inches cube
90 cm I 35.4 inches cube
All opaque packaging except black and transparent
Electrical Characteristics
Input Voltage
Host System Interface
DC 5V                              
USB or RS232 wired cable             
Measurement angle
Measurement surface

2D barcode reader
Pitch: 35° ~ 65°, Skew :± 15°
Avoid scanning a box where the background color is too close to the box color, avoid transparent backgrounds
Beep and LED (Green, Red and Orange)
Built in VM200 ,  not in VM100
Apply OIML and NTEP certification
Aimer Specifications
650±10nn Red VLD IEC         
60825-1 :2014 Class 1
Beep and LED (Green, Red and Orange)
Built in VM200 ,  not in VM100 Apply OIML and NTEP certification
Environmental Specifications
Tools & SDK
Operating Temperature   Storage Temperature      Relative Humidity
Ambient light
Sealing protection
0°c to 50°C (14Fto122F)      
 -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
0 to 95% relative humidity, non­condensing 
0 to 15000 lux, avoid direct sunlight
VMView and sample code Communication command protocol