GOODSON Thermal Paper Rolls

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GOODSON have large range of High Quality Thermal coated Paper rolls to suite most Point of Sale (POS) receipt printers, Cash Registers, EftPOS terminals, ATM's and kiosks.

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Warranty specified is Back to Base (BTB) warranty Goodson Imports P/L.
Warranty commencement date is date of hardware Invoice.
Warranty covers Manufacturers Faulty Workmanship
12 Months on Print Head
2 Months on Touch Screen
Warranty excludes:

  • Power supply
  • Interface and Power Cables
  • Consumable products
  • Options
  • Software and Data Recovery
  • Tightly wound, which means longer lengths of paper on a roll
  • Smooth thermal coating, leaving less residue on the print head
  • Large variety of sizes
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Products available to purchase

TBF4470 GOODSONThermal 44x70 58 gsm BPA free Premium Rolls
TBF4476 GOODSONThermal 44x76 58 gsm BPA free Premium Rolls
TBF6045 GOODSONThermal 60x45 58 gsm BPA free Premium Rolls
TBF8080 GOODSONThermal 80x80 58 gsm BPA free Premium Rolls Bx24
TP8080 GOODSONThermal 80x80 58 gsm Premium Grade Box 24
TP8080L48 GOODSONThermal 80x80 58 gsm Premium Grade Box 48
T8080L48 GOODSONPremium Thermal rolls 80x80 48 rolls per box
TEP8080PB GOODSONStandard Thermal 80x80 Paper rolls 24 per box
TEP8080PBL48 GOODSONStandard Thermal 80x80 Paper Rolls 48 per Box
T8080 GOODSONT8080 Premium Thermal rolls 80x80 (24 per Box)
T5736 GOODSONThermal 57 X 36 Paper Rolls Bx50
TBF5736 GOODSONThermal 57x36 58 gsm BPA free Premium Rolls
T8045 GOODSONTherrmal Paper Roll 80x45x12
T80195 GOODSONThermal 80x195x25 Paper Roll
TBF80195 GOODSONThermal 80x195 58 gsm BPA free Premium Rolls
TBF5730 GOODSONThermal 57x30 58 gsm BPA free Premium Rolls
T5730 GOODSONThermal 57 x 30 Paper Rolls Bx100
TBF5745 GOODSONThermal 57x45 58 gsm BPA free Premium Rolls
T5750 GOODSONThermal 57 X 50 Paper Rolls Bx50
T5745 GOODSONThermal 57x45 Rolls 50 per Box Bx50
T5757 GOODSONThermal 57x57 Paper Rolls Bx50
TBF5757 GOODSONThermal 57x57 58 gsm BPA free Premium Rolls
T5770 GOODSONThermal 57 X 70 Paper Rolls Bx50
T5770TK GOODSONTopkote Thermal 57 X 70 Paper Rolls Bx50
T6045 GOODSONThermal 60x45 Rolls 50 per Box
T6080B24 GOODSONThermal 60 X 80 Paper Rolls Bx24
T11050 GOODSONThermal 110 X 50 Paper Rolls
T4476 GOODSONThermal 44 X 76 Paper Rolls
TBF11050 GOODSONThermal 110x50 58 gsm BPA free Premium Rolls
T4470 GOODSONThermal 44x70 Rolls 48 per Box
T6768025 GOODSON76x80x25.4mm GLORY ATM Bx6
T768025 GOODSONThermal 76x80x25.4 Paper rolls
T8021317i GOODSONThermal 80x213x17.5 Rolls CSI
T8021325 GOODSONThermal 80x213x25.4 Rolls
T8021325i GOODSONThermal 80x213x25.4 Rolls CSI
T8080S GOODSONThermal 80x80 Rolls 6 per Box
T8217525 GOODSONThermal 82.5 X 175 x 25.4 CSO
T8211325i GOODSONThermal Paper Roll 82.5x113x25 CSI
T828025i GOODSONThermal Paper Roll 82.5x80x25 CSI

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