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Citizen printers are fast, tough and easy to use. Our machines are designed to deliver optimum performance, functionality and reliability, bringing you the best possible return on investment. We are at the leading edge of printer design and build our machines with features that offer hassle-free, high quality output with minimal maintenance. Throughout our range you will find printers that are smaller, faster and more reliable than any competing model on the market. Our new generation of energy efficient printers cut costs and save waste, and all our latest label, POS and mobile printers are backed by outstanding customer support services, giving you total peace of mind. The qualities of Citizen printers can be summed up in three words: performance, precision, perfection. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Citizen Systems Japan and part of the Citizen Group of companies, famous for their watches and timepieces since 1930.
  • Product video for the Citizen CL-S300 printer
    Product video for the Citizen CL-S300 printer
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  • Citizen Systems CT-S651 Printer
    Citizen Systems CT-S651 Printer
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  • Citizen CMP-20 and CMP-30 Mobile-Portable Printers in Action
    Citizen CMP-20 and CMP-30 Mobile-Portable Printers in Action
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  • Citizen CL-S700 - Easy-to-use Label _ Barcode Printer
    Citizen CL-S700 - Easy-to-use Label _ Barcode Printer
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  • Citizen CT-S801, CT-S851, CT-S601, CT-S651 Point-Of-Sale Printers
    Citizen CT-S801, CT-S851, CT-S601, CT-S651 Point-Of-Sale Printers
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Citizen desktop printers combine performance with reliability to deliver hundreds of labels every day. These compact, powerful units are also designed to offer easy media loading, while an all-metal print head in most models ensures extraordinary long lasting service.

Citizen’s industrial printers are built for durability and compatibility in warehouse, shipping and production environments. These machines
include Citizen’s innovative Cross-Emulation™ feature and our pioneering Hi-Lift™ mechanism for easy access to ribbons and media.
Efficient ticketing requires easy-to-use, high quality label printing on a range of media at fast print speeds. Citizen provides all this in an energy efficient and eco-friendly machine.

Wide format
Wide format Citizen printers can produce labels up to 178mm in width, providing large, clear labelling for warehouse contents, such as pallets or drums. Robust enclosures, powerful processors and high resolution printheads enable fast, easy printing of labels, including barcodes
compliant with EAN/UCC standards.
Thermal POS
Our range of Thermal printers are packed with features to enable consistent, high resolution (2”, 3” or 4” wide) receipt printing. Features include drop-in paper loading, integral barcode printing and the capability to store graphics in flash memory.

Fast, tough, versatile mobile printers from Citizen are the perfect solution for on-site and on-demand printing. Packed with user-friendly features such as quick change, no-jam, drop-in media loading, these portable units deliver fast, on-the-spot service of labels or receipts.

Citizen have an extremely wide and diversified range from compact pocket devices to highly sophisticated calculator models. Our desktop calculators offer every feature you need at your desk. From tilt displays or large plastic keys through to a wide range of commercial functions. The new school calculators are “Cool4School”. Trendy colours are realy cool and bang up to date.

Our thermal printers for kiosk integration provide reliable, ready-made solutions for demanding kiosk applications, such as ATMs, car park
payment machines, etc. Citizen’s robust, metal chassis machines can deliver print widths from 58mm to 83mm.