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BIXOLON is a leading global manufacturer of dependable and innovative advanced printing and mobile technologies that include POS receipt, desktop label, and mobile receipt and label printers for the retail, hospitality, healthcare, and warehousing industries. We view our printing technology as an essential tool for any business, and hold ourselves to the highest standards since dedication to our customers is our core belief.
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Hospitality Solutions - Fast and Efficient
BIXOLON's POS printing solutions are easily integrated with existing PC-based POS system and the innovative tablet PC-based POS & order-taking systems for restaurant operations.
Ideal for Receipt printing, Ordering prints, Ordered goods labeling, Ingredients or material labeling.
Solution Retail Image2 Ticketing Solutions - Fast and Convenient
Ticket printers are required for environments that should issue tickets such as banks, theaters, amusement parks, and bus terminals
Ideal for Ballot, Bus, Event ticket, Lottery and Luggage ticket printing
Solution Retail Image03 Transport & Logistics Solutions - Convenient and Durable
Mobile printers permit businesses to print receipts and invoices and accept credit card payments at the point of delivery.
For Post and parcel delivery, Shipping labels, Information labels, Reverse logistics, Inflight duty free sales receipt
Solution Retail Image04 Healthcare Solutions - Reliable and Precise
Bixolon's printing solutions ensure accuracy and prevent errors while printing patient wristbands, labeling prescriptions, and processing patient information.
Used for Patient wrist band, Patient record labels, Prescription labeling, Lab sample tracking
Solution Retail Image05 Field Workforce Solutions - Time-saving and Productive
Information technologies, which process field operations through the connection with back office and database, are required for field workforce servicing buyers.
Designed for Direct store delivery, Door-to-door sales, Product repair service, Inventory tracking with handheld devices
Solution Retail Image06 Public Sector Solutions - Secure and Reliable
As fast and cost-efficient public services are in high demand, IT devices based on printing technologies are increasingly adopted in the public sector.
For Parking and traffic citations, Line busting etc.
Solution Retail Image07 Retail Solutions - Quick and Effective
Bixolon offers a comprehensive line of POS printers, which feature state-of-the-art technology, high-speed printing and topnotch quality.
For Price labeling, Shelf labeling, Product labeling, Coupon and receipt printing
Solution Retail Image08 ManufacturingSolutions - Precise and Productive
Barcode printing technologies enhance the management of assets and boost the accuracy of your manufacturing procedures.
Designed for Inventory labels, Invoice and receipt printing, Information labels, Cross docking
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