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AOPEN Inc., founded in 1996, is headquartered in Taiwan with offices in America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. AOPEN has more than 20 years of IT hardware manufacturing experience along with keen insights into IT industry trends that help drive the growth of AOPEN. As the global thought leader and manufacturer of digital signage hardware solutions, AOPEN continues to expand its products and services for digital signage and other vertical application markets. With in-depth market knowledge, AOPEN can offer advice for complete digital signage platform solutions. AOPEN has cultivated a sophisticated ecosystem of premium solution providers to offer its solutions via its value added channel network to the market.

AOPEN’s expertise and technology transforms highly technical products into easy-to-use, accessible digital communications solutions to support integrators, partners and end customers. Whether your business operates in healthcare, hospitality, transportation, security or education, AOPEN solutions will enable you to turn concepts into reality.

AOPEN is also a Google for Work Premier Partner.

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Famous Fish video

  • AOPEN Chrome Devices Chromebox and Chromebase video
    AOPEN Chrome Devices Chromebox and Chromebase video
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  • New AOPEN Chrome Mini Devices
    New AOPEN Chrome Mini Devices
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  • Commercial Chrome Devices Full
    Commercial Chrome Devices Full
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  • AOpen Famous Fish_withgoogle_v6-HD
    AOpen Famous Fish_withgoogle_v6-HD
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  • ▶H&M Video Wall -  00016
    ▶H&M Video Wall - 00016
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  • AOPEN Signage made Simple
    AOPEN Signage made Simple
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  • AOPEN QSR Scenario
    AOPEN QSR Scenario
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AOPEN Retail Display

In-store Multi-Touch Presenter
Engage customers through Interactive Touch Technology by informing and entertaining them through a 15”, 19”or 22” all-in-one touch display with software suite included. Give further information in an entertaining manner or create a product brochure selection that enables people to send brochures to their email address.
+ Easy to install and manage.
+ Platform to gather customer data.
+ Provide up to date product Information.
+ Enhance the in-store experience

DS2 Digital Signage.
Add digital signage to the traditional security/surveillance system. Make use of the available video feed provided by your digital surveillance solution and deliver more targeted messaging to your audience. Manage both video surveillance and digital communication with a single system in order to enrich the shopping experience and optimise the security.
The combination of Signage and Surveillance allows you to:
+ Lower the total cost of ownership
+ Increase return on investment
+ Enhance your security feed
For more information about the AOPEN’s Digital Signage Solutions including Touch Displays, Non-touch Displays, e-Tiles, Video Walls and Digital Engines click through to the AOPEN product page.