SAM4S SPT-360 POS Touch Terminal. Ideal for Retail, Hospitality and Ticketing.

Dec 17, 2018

The SPT-360 is the latest POS touch terminal from Sam4s with low energy, high performance CPU in a modern and slim but strong design. It has a bright and vivid screen provided by an excellent touch monitor with frontal IP55 protection structure. With its simple assembly design, it is easy to install and convenient for maintenance.

1785 Blog 600w- MC4900

● Energy Efficient   ● Low Heat Generation Architecture    ● Slim Display    ● Sleek Chassis   ● Small Footprint    ● 15” LED LCD Display   ● True-Flat PCAP Touch   ● Easy Installation   ● Fanless     ● Microsoft Azure Certified   ● IP55 Dust and Waterproof Front Panel  ●  Superior Serviceability   

SPT-360 FANLESS Touch System,15” PCAP Bezelfree, J1900 up to 2.42G Quad core, 2M cache, 4GB DDR3L RAM, 128GB SSD, Black, POSReady 7 64 bit Preloaded

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