"We're not robots"

Nov 28, 2018

A robot is a machine, programmable by a computer to carry out a complex series of actions automatically.

Years ago, they became the workhorses of the automobile assembly, doing jobs that were either dangerous or monotonous for humans—like welding and painting. But today they are being used in all types of  manufacturing throughout the world.

We’re not robots at Goodson. In fact we are very proud of the humans – extremely talented people – who strive everyday to give our customers what they want and need.

1790 ROBOT BLOG 600w

We have a team of factory trained experts in our service department preparing and checking a vast array of different products before they are sold. We call it “Equipment Staging”. And that means helping our clients deploy hardware that is configured as turnkey as possible before it is delivered.

Susan Pace, Sales Director at Goodson Imports, says “Our goal is to work closely with our clients for the smoothest possible hardware deployments. Our services include anything from application imaging of PC systems to specific hardware settings in BIOS for all products purchased from Goodson.”

Goodson’s “Can-do-attitude” is unique to the market, meaning we will modify our stock to suit your needs. We will swap components such as Hard Drives with SSD’s, change interfaces and cables, even change the casing of a product to assist our clients in providing the most suitable product for their customers’ needs.

Can a robot to do all that?

With this service, we go the extra mile to achieve our goal of meeting and exceeding our client’s delivery expectations.

But we don’t stop there. Our after-sales service is always a top priority. We have recently introduced a new system for processing goods that need to be serviced so we can return them to you as soon as possible.

Our people are the best. Our customers come first.

We’re not robots and we never will be.