Atdec. The only mounting solution for digital signage.

Oct 22, 2018

Atdec provides infinite mounting options for video walls, menu boards, display stands and much more. They have adaptable solutions for unique spaces and services and have been designed for a variety of configurations. They have mounting solutions for a variety of flat screen panels including OLED technology and LCD screens. 

Having said that, Atdec are confident they can solve your mounting problems. 

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Video Walls

Pop-out video walls stand out for their ease of installation, ease of maintenance, and infinite modularity. They are ideal for recessed wall installations, and are chosen for their post-installation accessibility.

Menu Boards 

No matter how small or large your installation requirements, our modular system can be easily configured to your specific project needs. Menu board solutions can incorporate tilt options to achieve the best viewing angle, as well as be ceiling or wall-mounted, with ease of installation and maintenance. Watch this 3D video to see what’s possible…

Display stands 

Display stands can be ideal for small and tricky spaces, in-window retail displays and trade shows, with floor bolted, freestanding, and wheeled options. Display stands can be adapted to a range of parameters and environments, with floor-to-ceiling, single, and multiple-display options.

Pole-mounted floor and floor-to-ceiling mounts

These options are perfect when the available space is limited, and/or wall attachment points are unavailable. Applications include in-window retail, real estate and tradeshow displays

 Mobile Display Carts

Reduce the cost of your IT investment by using mobile display carts that allow equipment sharing. The Telehook range of Mobile TV carts allow displays to be moved between rooms quickly and easily, helping to cut down on costs by reducing the need to buy multiple displays. They incorporate clever features including lockable castors, height adjustment and optional accessory shelves to support AV equipment and video conferencing cameras.

Atdec is a world leader inMounting Innovation and Design

Atdec is a designer and manufacturer of AV mounting solutions with their logistics, customer support and warehousing facilities based in Sydney, Australia. Atdec’s research and development team boasts talented mechanical and industrial engineers who take pride in producing beautifully designed and robust products with the cleverest of features. 

Atdec product can be seen worldwide in train stations and airports, fast food restaurants, public spaces, multi-national corporations, banks, and importantly, your home, from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Their mounting systems boast superior design, unique features and product flexibility which make their products ideal for a broad range of applications in various markets including commercial space and POS, home entertainment, education, digital signage, healthcare, and the audio visual marketplace.

Atdec is proud to be a provider of mounting solutions for renown corporations such as IBM, British Telecom, Boeing, NBC, ABN-AMRO, McDonalds and many more. Their products can be seen from Dulles Airport to Melbourne Airport, KFC to the Cheesecake Factory, from the Seattle Art Museum to Westfield Shopping Centres and in homes around the world.

Atdec’s success is also attributable to partnerships with the world's best known flat screen manufacturers such as Samsung, NEC, Fujitsu, Panasonic and others where custom design and bespoke mounting solutions affording unrivalled functionality are critical.

The Atdec range of Digital Signage Mounting Solutions is available through Goodson  Imports in Australia.