Introducing the new Opticon H-29. A highly advanced mobile computer that can do so much more in addition to accurate scanning.

Sep 25, 2018

The amazing new Opticon H-29 is an ergonomic mobile computer that comes with the Android 6.0.1 operating system that has the functionality of a computer and a scanner, but with the experience of a smartphone.  

It is an all-round Android Mobile Computer combined with an alphanumeric keypad and a high end 2D Opticon engine. 

!748 H29 image 600w

The high resolution 8MP camera with autofocus gives fast scanning performance, bright screen and plenty of connectivity options make this product perfect for complex tasks. The octa-core processor will ensure fast performance no matter the application.

On top of that, the H-29 is provided with a NFC chip that enables wireless communication as well as synchronization with other devices that enables a better and more efficient workflow.

The H-29 is equipped with GPS, and is therefore always traceable. It also comes with a USB-port for data transfer, and a high capacity battery. For demanding applications an extended battery is available. 

The H-29 provides valuable information that can be used to analyse the workflow, making it the ideal all-in-one scanning, analysing, and service device for workflow optimization.

It also comes with a high capacity battery, a power supply (QC2.0), a hand strap, and a USB cable. Additional items such as an extended battery, an extended battery cover, a cradle for charging and communication, and a stylus can be ordered separately.

The H-29 is a scanner of high quality because of the Opticon engine. It is the ideal solution for users that have demanding applications!

It is suitable for a wide variety of markets, in particular Logistics, Postal and Delivery. The Healthcare, Retail, Industrial and Transportation are significant industries which provide services that our society cannot live without. This ergonomic and rugged mobile computer excels in improving efficiency on the work floor, data gathering, and mobility. It is the perfect solution for optimizing the workflow in your field of business. 

Full support is supplied by Goodson and the H-29 comes with a 2-year warranty. 

We offer the SDK upon your order, easily supporting the design of your application according to your business’ needs. Because it has Wi-Fi/4G, GPS, and Bluetooth the H-29 is always connected, and ensures real-time data transfer.