“We’re not just another fish in the bowl.”

Sep 24, 2018

1710 Fish bowl 600wGoodson Imports might not be the biggest in our industry, and we don’t want to be. We just want to be the best. 

We’re not content to be just another fish in the bowl and we’re not standing still either.  As our industry changes, we’ve advanced with it, always looking forward, while not forgetting where we’ve come from.

We’ve made some important changes in recent months and we’re moving ahead as the only family owned and operated business in Retail POS Point of Sale and related markets in Australia.  

We have better brands, better products and better service and we’re always looking forward for better technology and better solutions.

We have invested heavily in our future by moving to a new head office in the heart of Western Sydney at Huntingwood and closer to our logistics partners. We’re now fully operational in our new Head Office, with more warehousing space and a ‘state of the art’ service centre.

And we are continuing to do better with better people, better systems and a new level of excellence in customer service while representing our major brands. 

Why? Because we go the extra mile! Just ask the people who buy from us. Ask about how we meet the high demands of our many and varied resellers.

Goodson is the leading distributor of retail (POS) point of sale systems, data capture, mobility and kiosk/OEM technology, equipment and systems in Australia. We are the Point of Interaction specialising in business solutions for retail, hospitality, warehousing, manufacturing, OEM, banking, healthcare and more.

For over 65 years we have been importing only major brands for the POS industry and today we represent leading brands including Citizen, Posiflex, Sam4s, Opticon, Datalogic, Koamtac, Cino and Cherry.

We have also entered the digital media market as an authorised distributor for AOPEN’s Commercial Chrome devices. Our collaboration with AOPEN and Google provides the best business solutions through our network for this exciting new technology as it continues to impact the country.

We also believe our online buying is better than any of our competitors. So if you are a Reseller in any of our markets and haven’t registered yet to buy online, we encourage you to do so. 

We are excited about the future at Goodson as we continue to make every effort to bring only the best technology and service to our market and our customers.