White Gloving. What is it?

Jul 10, 2017

The term “white gloving” or “equipment staging” keeps popping up in hardware distribution, but what does it really mean?

The actual definition will vary from company to company, however at Goodson Imports the white gloving process is more commonly known as equipment staging. It means helping our clients deploy hardware that is configured as turnkey as possible before it is delivered.

Susan Pace, Sales Director at Goodson Imports, says “Our goal is to work closely with our clients for the smoothest possible hardware deployments.” Our services include anything from application imaging of PC systems to specific hardware settings in BIOS for all products purchased from Goodson.

White Glove 600W

Goodson’s “Can-do-attitude” is unique to the market, meaning we will modify our stock to suit your needs. This means we will swap components such as Hard Drives with SSD’s, change interfaces and cables, even change the casing of a product to assist our clients in providing the most suitable product for their customers’ needs.

This service also applies to all of our products, whether it be digital marketing displays, point-of-sale systems or self-service kiosks. We can configure details such as networks, basic CMS (content management system) or POS (Point-Of-Sale) applications, all the settings and policies needed (including system, security and application settings) or custom logging of asset details (Serial numbers, MAC addresses etc) . The amount of staging we do is dependent on the amount of information we are provided, based on each customer’s requirements. These modifications or changes do not affect any product warranties.”

The white glove service is offered by Goodson to ensure our customers deploy solutions as efficiently, consistently and timely as possible.

With this service, we go the extra mile to achieve our combined goal of meeting and exceeding our client’s delivery expectations.

To see how we can help you, please connect with me, either on LinkedIn, or via email susanp@goodson.com.au or phone 0403 250 956