DATALOGIC PowerScan® M8300 Industrial Mobile Laser Scanner Series

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Datalogic Scanning’s PowerScan readers are the top rated industrial handheld data collection products on the market. Synthesizing knowledge and experience, Datalogic Scanning is evolving the PowerScan family to include the PowerScan M8300 series: cordless laser bar code readers featuring state-of-the-art performance for rugged industrial use.

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Warranty specified is Back to Base (BTB) warranty Goodson Imports P/L.
Warranty commencement date is date of hardware Invoice.
Warranty covers Manufacturers Faulty Workmanship
Warranty excludes:

  • Power supply
  • Interface and Power Cables
  • Consumable products
  • Options
  • Software and Data Recovery
36 months
  • Cordless Industrial Handheld Laser Scanner
  • Reads most common linear bar codes including GS1 Databar
  • Standard Range (contact up to 1 m) and Auto Range (10 cm to 10 m) optic models available
  • 433 MHz STAR Radio System
  • Up to 50 m Range
  • 100% compatible with STAR
  • Cordless System™
  • Available with or without Display
  • Choice of fixed or removable battery
  • Drop resistance to 2 m
  • User interface: loud beeper and Datalogic 3GL™good read feedback Good read LED, "Green Spot" on the code
  • Built-in multiple interface (RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, Wand and USB)
Brochure501kb dlps8300_brochure.pdf
Quick Reference Guide 8300M1,072kb dlps8300m_qrg.pdf
Quick Reference Guide 8300M-DK1,087kb dlps8300m_dk_qrg.pdf
Product Reference Guide2,046kb dlps8300d_pm_prg.pdf

Products available to purchase

DLPM8300AD DATALOGICPowerScan M8300 Auto Range laser Display
DLPM8300AR DATALOGICPowerScan M8300 Auto Range Laser removable Battery
DLPM8300D DATALOGICPowerScan M8300 with Display
DLPM8300 DATALOGICPowerScan Mobile 8300 Scanner Only
DLBC9030B-433 DATALOGICBase Station Charger for PM9x00
CAB-DL479 DATALOGICCAB-479 RS232 9P Female coiled 7.6m
AD-DL12VR40N2.1 DATALOGICPower Supply 12V 4.1A with power cord
AD-DL12VR DATALOGICPower supply 12v DC for Datalogic with Power Cable
DLPC8000 DATALOGICPowerScan 8xxx Protective Case & Belt Holster
DLPD7REEL DATALOGICPowerScan Industrial Take up Reel
DLHLS8000 DATALOGICPwrScan 8x Universal Holster
DLPS8000FBATT DATALOGICPwrScan M8x Fixed Battery Pack
DLPS8000RBATT DATALOGICPwrScan M8x Removable Battery
DLPS8000SPS DATALOGICPwrScan M8x Spare Battery Slot
CAB-DL433 DATALOGICRS232 DB9F cable1.8m Power inlet & Pin 9
CAB-DL524 DATALOGICUSB A Coiled cable for PM8300
CAB-DL438 DATALOGICUSB A Straight cable for PM8300 9500
DLVMK8000 DATALOGICVMK8000 vehicle mount kit
CAB-DL436 DATALOGICWedge PS 2 Straight Cable

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Parts documents

Parts layout details

Scan Engine
Light Source
Aiming: 630 - 680 VLD activated by double click trigger
Scan Pattern
Single Line
Scan Rate
35 +/- 5 scans/sec
Motion Tolerance
Contrast Ratio
15% Minimum reflective difference
PD83x0: 0.076 mm / 3 mils
PD83x0AR: 0.190 mm / 7.5 mils
Depth of field
5 mils - 2.1 to 13.3 cm
7.5 mils - 3.5 to 24.2 cm
10 mils - 2.9 to 42.8 cm
13 mils - 2.3 to 55.1 cm
20 mils - 6.3 to 78.5 cm
40 mils - 2.5 to 97.8 cm

7.5 mils - 7.0 to 46.5 cm
10 mils - 10.8 to 85 cm
13 mils - 12.7 to 147.3 cm
20 mils - 7.0 to 215.9 cm
40 mils - 16.0 to 340 cm
55 mils - 0.2 to 4.1 m
Reflective 100 mils - 1.5 to 12.5 m
Performance may be impacted by Bar code quality and environmental conditions
Tilt Angle
+/- 20°
Pitch Angle
-55 to -5°- 5 to 55°
Skew Angle
+/- 60°
Ambient Light Immunity
Immume to light exposure in office/facilitie and direct exposure to sunlight
Symbologies supported
1D:Auto-discriminates all standard 1D codes including GS1 DataBar™ linear codes

Stacked Codes: Code 16K, Code 49, GS1 DataBar Composites, GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectiona
Programming Method
Manual: Reads special bar codes
Automatic: Software commands through the RS-232 / USB interfaces
Datalogic Aladdin™: Windows configuration program
PM8300: No Display, 1 x Scan Key
PM8300-D: Display 4 Lines x 16 Collumns, 1 Scan Key & 3 Key Keypad
PM8300-DK: Display 4 Lines x 16 Collumns, 1 Scan Key & 16 Key Keypad
Datalogic’s 3GL™ (Three Green Lights) technology and loud beeper for good read feedback
Datalogic ‘Green Spot’ on the Code
Dual good read LED's
Communication Type
Datalogic Star Cordless System™
Communication Technology
433.92 Mhz Radio
Effective radiated power: < 10mW
Range (open Air): up to 50 m
Seamless roaming
Two way communications
Point to Point or Multi-point configuration
up to 32 Scanners to a base
to base:
BC8030: RS232, KBW, USB, Wand Multi Interface
BC8060: RS232, KBW, USB, Wand, RS485 Multi Interface
Supply Voltage
Battery: 2150 mAh Li-ion rechargeable
Charge time with external power supply: 4 Hours
Charge time with Host power: 10 Hours
Reads per full charge: 60,000+
Input Voltage for Charge/Communication Base: 10 -30 VDC
POT: 5 VDC +/-10%
Power Consumption
External Power Supply: 1A @ 10 VDC (typical)
POT: 500mA
Drop Specification
Designed to withstand 50 x 2M drops to concrete
Environmental Sealing
PM8300: IP65
PM8300-D & PM8300-DK: IP64
ESD Protection
20 kV
Operating Environment
-20° ~ 50°C, Relative Humidity up tp 90% none condensing
Storage Environment
-20° ~ 70°C, Relative Humidity up tp 90% none condensing
EMC/Safety Standards
China RoHS, EU RoHS, Complies to R.E.A.C.H, CDRH Class II, IEC 60825 Class 2, IEC 62471 Class 1 LED
External Dimensions (WxDxH)
PM8300: 69 x 114 x 207 mm
PM8300-D: 69 x 114 x 210 mm
PM8300-DK: 69 x 114 x 210 mm
Cradle: 95 x 240 x 108 mm
PM8300: 395 g
PM8300-D: 395 g
PM8300-DK: 395 g
Cradle: 380 g
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